UTunes brings you the one stop where you can find your favorite songs. Thanks to UTunes you will never be the one asking others for the latest hit; infact you will have everyone shaking to the latest grooves from around the world.
UTunes FAQs UTunes 1 Key Copy
Welcome to the 1 Key Copy feature this is an added section for UTunes which will allow you to copy any UTune you like while calling another Ufone customer. Simply press * while listening to any UTune and make the same UTune your very own.

With this interesting feature you can now save yourself the time to look for the perfect UTune, just make a call and with the click of a button change your UTune as many times as you wish.
Do It Yourself
For the first time in Pakistan Ufone brings you the UTunes DIY. UTunes DIY (do it yourself) allows you to record your very own personalized tune which you can upload and assign to any caller, e.g. record happy birthday in your own voice and assign it to someone to make them feel special every time he/she calls you on his/her birthday.
UTunes FAQs
1) How can I subscribe to the UTune service?

i) You can subscribe to the service simply by sending “ sub” as an SMS to 666
ii) Dial 666 from your handset and browse through the menu to activate UTunes.

2) How much will this service cost me?

The UTunes activation fee is Rs. 0, and its subscription daily fee is Rs. 0.67 plus tax.

3) How much will each UTune cost me?

From January 27, 2010 till February 11, 2010, Each UTune download will be free of cost. After this period, each UTune download will cost you Rs. 5 plus tax.

4) How many UTunes can I buy?

You can buy up to 50 UTunes at a time.

5) As a user how am I charged?

If you are a Postpay customer, the monthly subscription charge of Rs. 20 will be added to your monthly bill, if you are a Prepay customer, a daily fee of Rs.0.67 plus tax will be deducted from your account.

6) What is the next step after subscription? How will I know that I have been subscribed?

You will receive an SMS confirming your subscription; the SMS will also have a password with instructions to logon to http://www.ufone.com/ . In the UTune section, simply enter your User ID (your mobile number) and password. You can then preview/listen, buy, assign and gift tunes to your callers. (This option will be available after January 27, 2010)

7) What are the different options available for setting up my UTunes service profile after subscription?

Following options are available for Setting up / Managing the account:
  1. SMS
  2. IVR
1. Via SMS

Send an SMS to 666 with one of the following commands to personalize your UTunes account:
SMS Command Description
Subscribe UTunes sub
unsubscribe UTunes unsub
Set UTunes temporary off off
Set UTunes temporary on on
Query UTunes by ID Findcode Utunes number
Query UTunes by Name Findname Utune Name
Query Recomanded UTunes Findrecommended
Query New Utunes Findnew
Download an UTunes Get Utunes Code
Set a default UTunes default Utune Code
Set an UTunes for specific person Set Utune Code mobile number
Gift a Utune gift Utune Code Mobile Number
get help about Utune help
delete del Utunecode
get password through sms password
To query personal library personal
to query personal settings qpersona
(From January 27, 2010 till February 11, 2010, all of the above commands are charged at Rs.2.5 + tax. After the mentioned time period, the commands mentioned in the table above will be charged at Rs. 5 + tax)

2. Via IVR

Dial 666 from your mobile, you will be able to listen to the most popular UTunes in English, Urdu and many other categories. After listening to a preview, you will be prompted to:
Buy the UTune, Gift UTune, listen to the next Tune or go back to the main menu. If you choose to buy a UTune, an SMS will be sent to you to inform you about the status of the purchase.

Note: For subscribed UTunes users the default UTune will be “Yeh Adaa Teri Mera Dil”

8) What if I don’t have enough credit in my account, when the Service tries to deduct a monthly fee from my account?

If there is not enough credit, you will enter a thirty day grace period, during which the system will keep trying to deduct the amount if the system fails to renew the subscription, the service will be disconnected and you will lose the UTunes in your Album

9) Is there any validity on the UTunes, does it expire?

UTunes will not expire

10) What is Assign UTunes to specific Number?

When you assign a UTune to a specific number, only that number will hear that UTune i.e. If you want 033350000000 to hear an Islamic UTune with the UTune code 600100, you should send set<space>600100

03335000000 and send it to 666, you should leave a space between the command, the UTune code and the number to which the UTune will be assigned. Users can also assign UTunes by dialing 666 and selecting manage UTunes.

11) Do I pay for each assign/de-assign?

The user will not be charged for assigning/de-assigning the UTune. Only SMS/IVR charges will apply.

12) What is temporary deactivation?

You can temporarily deactivate(Stop) the service when you do not want other people to hear your UTunes service by sending SMS “OFF” to 666, but you will not be unsubscribed, you can turn it back on by simply sending an SMS with the command “ON” to 666.

13) If I temporarily deactivated Ufone’s UTunes Service, will Tunes be deleted from my album?

No your personal Tunes will not get deleted in this case.

14) If I temporarily deactivated the service, will I still pay the monthly fee?


15) If I get a message that my album is full, how can I delete some of my short listed UTunes?

To delete a certain UTune from your album, simply dial 666 and select manage your personal library and delete after selecting the UTune

16) What if Ufone’s UTunes is active, someone calls me & I am already busy or on another call?

Incase of another call, caller will hear UTunes. Incase of busy callers will hears the normal busy Tone, Ufone UTunes will not be heard.

17) What if Ufone UTunes is active and someone calls me & I am already on another call with call waiting active?

The caller hears the call waiting recording “The number you have dialed is busy on another

Call, please wait”.

18) What if UTunes Service is active, someone calls me & my phone is switched off or out of reach?

The caller hears the usual out of reach announcement not UTunes

19) Will the UTunes Service work while outside the country and do I pay extra charges for that?

Ufone’s UTunes Service will be working when you are roaming. There will be no extra charges for this feature while roaming outside the country.

20) What is UTune Gift Service?

A UTunes subscriber can gift UTunes to another UTunes subscribers by using the Gift Option. Thereafter, the recipient(s) will only be required to accept and set the gifted UTune.

UTunes site is being upgraded and will be unavailable from January 27, 2010 till February 11, 2010.
19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies